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California Traffic Defense Attorney Danny Peebles can help you with Indio speeding tickets and traffic infractions of all kinds, including but not limited to **basic speeding, **speeding over 100 mph, **speeding over 25 mph,**speeding in a construction zone, **illegal lane change, **evading peace officer, **driving while suspended, **illegal cell phone use, **red light or stop sign violations, **reckless driving, and more...

Okay so you are traveling through Indio CA and you get a speeding ticket or traffic infraction. Irritating. Stressful. Annoying. The Law Firm of Danny Peebles understands the frustration of getting a traffic citation and further understands the impact it can have on your driving record and your insurance rates. The mission of our firm will be to minimize the impact that this ticket could have on both your driving record and insurance rates. Perhaps you cannot afford either.

You have the right to fight your traffic citation

It is not futile. There are different ways that an experienced attorney for traffic tickets can work to lessen the impact of that Indio CA speeding ticket or traffic infraction. In some situations, he can even get your ticket dismissed. Call or text Mr. Peebles now on his mobile phone -- 619-417-1380 to go over your legal options. For 20 years he has communicated directly with his clients.

You do not have to appear in court.

When you hire Danny Peebles as your attorney for your ticket in Indio, he will appear on your behalf at every stage of the proceeding, including arraignment and trial. There is no need for you to come to court. Perhaps you cannot afford to take time off work and wait all morning or afternoon for your traffic case to be called by the court. If time is valuable to you, then you can trust our firm to appear for you and work tenaciously on your behalf in the Indio California courts.

Communication is everything

When you hire and pay an attorney for your speeding or traffic citation, the worst thing that can happen is that the attorney stops communicating. You have to fight to get a return call about your traffic ticket and it feels like your lawyer just took your money and ran away.

When you hire our trusted speeding ticket law firm to represent you, you can expect frequent and ongoing communication regarding the status of your case. We respond to phone calls and texts in a prompt manner. We feel a debt of gratitude for the trust you have placed in our firm, and therefore work very hard to get your traffic citation in the Indio Courts dismissed, or get the impact on your driving record minimized to the fullest extent possible. We have a long track record of clear and consistent communication with our clients.

Be sure to hire an experienced attorney for tickets in Indio who is centrally located and appears frequently in the Indio CA Courthouse representing clients charged with traffic tickets and other traffic related citations.

We would be honored to earn your trust and your business

There are a lot of lawyers out there. It is the honor of our firm to earn your trust and your business as your attorney for traffic issues of all kinds. With every traffic client that places their trust in us, we work hard to fulfill our ethical obligations of diligence, communication, and zealous representation. You will be in good hands with us.

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Danny Peebles is an experienced traffic ticket attorney who will appear himself to represent you as your traffic defense lawyer Indio CA as well as in the following courts:

Banning, CA

Palm Springs, CA

Indio, CA

Hemet, CA

Temecula/Murrieta, CA

Joshua Tree, CA

Moreno Valley, CA

and San Diego, Imperial, and San Bernadino Counties as well.

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